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Hello + Welcome

I am so excited to meet you! You probably found me through a google search, IG, FB, were referred by a friend or family member or just looking for the perfect stylist/lash artist. Well you have come to the right place!! Once you sit down in my chair or on my lash bed we will get the chance to chat about what you love about your hair/lashes and what you dislike about your hair/lashes. We will discuss all the things.


During your hair consultation I will be looking at a few things, The condition of your hair, your face shape and skin tone. The integrity of your hair in its current state will determine what can be done. Everyone want's their dream hair but the integrity will always be my first priority! We will talk about your hair goals and what will be possible on the day of your color service as far as your beauty budget and timing needed for me to perform said services. Once we have made a plan to move forward we will get you scheduled for your future service or services. 

During you lash consultation we will chat about what your desired look is, more natural, fuller or more dramatic. I will also be looking at the state of your natural lashes to see if they can within stand what your desired look is. We will chat about what it takes to care and maintain your lashes, the steps to properly clean your lashes + what the do's and do not's of having lash extensions are. Once we have made a plan we will get your scheduled for your future lash service and your next fill appointment. 

At the end of your service appointment we will go over the products that I recommend that will best maintain your style or lash extensions! WE will go over and set up any maintenance appointments to follow!

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